How Will You Honor The Memories of Your Special Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day.


In what way are you honoring the memory of those loved ones who are no longer with you and not able to attend the most special day of your lives—your wedding day? This is a day you would have especially wanted them to share with you, as you begin your new life together as husband and wife. We have seen so many unique and endearing ways recently with the weddings we have photographed and captured, and thought we might share with you some of these wonderful ideas. We have seen sepia tone photographs keepsakes attached to a bride’s bouquet showing grandparents, or other dear ones. A separate table being used to set up photos of these ones, or a chair in which these photos are seated so they are symbolically present at the ceremony, then photos taken of bride and groom holding these photos capturing the love held dear for these ones.

A special candle being lit in memory of these ones, with the names being spoken in the words of the ceremony, fresh flowers being tossed into the ocean is another way to honor the memories setting the spirit of these loved ones free to watch over and protect you as you journey ahead together. Or for those ones perhaps a single white rose placed into a vase, or on an empty chair before the start of a ceremony, symbolizing their presence and love surrounding you, and to carry it a little further have a song they especially enjoyed played during the ceremony or at the reception.

Loved ones jewelry being used as the “something old” or “something borrowed” One bride had a pendant created with the thumbprint of her father, of which she wore around her neck at the ceremony. Another had as her “blue” a heart cut from her father’s favorite pair of blue jeans sewn into the train of her dress. An heirloom lace hanky handed down from one’s  grandmother to wrap around your bouquet.

To carry this a little bit further, one bride brought with her, the ashes of her father, of which she scattered on the beach where she and the groom stood during the ceremony. She felt the love of her father there as they spoke their vows to one another, and so did everyone else who was there.

We also had a couple bring the urn of a loved one with them and had photos taken while they held it, their hearts knowing these ones were there with them as well!

It does not  matter how these ones are remembered, but that they are, and those memories are captured. Be sure and let your professional photographer know, you have one more photo to take so you can hold on to those emotions and memories a little longer, and share them with your loved ones that come into your lives in the years to come.  For more ideas and endearing ways to remember your loved ones visit

Key West Florida A Great Romantic Getaway For All.

Cruising to Key West? Why Not Wed in Paradise, its Easy!.

An Easy (EZ) Wedding In Paradise

A Key West Wedding Story

Our heartfelt congratulations to Mark and Teri! Who married here in Key West, Florida today after arriving on the island while cruising to Jamaica!  Once they docked on the island, and dressed for their Key West Wedding, transportation was provided to the courthouse to apply for the marriage license, a “painless” process that took approximately 15 minutes. Then over to Smather’s Beach (about 4 miles away) to beautiful white sands and palm trees, a rather different look for them coming from the state of Ohio!

Key West Beach Wedding

They really liked our “white stuff”. First thing they did was take off their shoes to feel the sand on their feet and bask in the warm sunshine! Early wedding ceremony on the beach, standing in a garland of flowers while listing to ambient music, vows were spoken, the pronouncement  given of them being husband and wife,  followed by the wedding kiss, hugs and congrats, and, then off for more photos!  It’s amazing how after the bundle of nerves they were once they arrived on the beach, after the “I do’s”,  they become so relaxed and that romance and  beauty really shows in their photos.

How it all starts after a couple becomes engaged, research on the world wide web for an ideal destination beach wedding location and professional photographer, our website is visited and emails exchanged. A trust is established with the years of wedding photography experience, access to recent wedding photos to view, recent reviews read, questions answered, wedding service contract signed and payment given.  As the wedding date nears, follow up  emails sent, and with the advent of smartphones, “text” are exchanged.  Key West WeddingsKey West WeddingsAfter wedding services are provided the rest of the time they are in Key West is relaxing, enjoyable, but different somehow, as now they are married, and ready to start a new journey together hand in hand, and continue on with their honeymoon cruise!

Does all this interest you as well, have you gotten to the point of your wedding planning your ready to run away and elope? Want an easy wedding in paradise? We look forward to hearing from you and working with you too!

Key West Weddings

Peter Estenoz Photography 40 years in Wedding Photography Business!.






Celebrate With Us: 40 Years As A Wedding Photography Business
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Key West Beach Weddings


Peter Estenoz Photography, is celebrating 40 years in the wedding photography business here with Key West Weddings! What started out here on the island of Key West, Florida, as a photography business serving the local bridal couples, has grown to serve the exciting destination wedding brides as well. Through the many changes the wedding industry has seen, from styles of dress, indoor verses outdoor, large groups verses just the two them elopements, we have been able to capture it all with joy, delight and respect!

All brides are beautiful on their day, and being a part of that special event has been such a blessing. We want to thank everyone who had a part of those years not only: the bridal couples, but also the wedding planners and coordinators, the musicians, the florist, the bakers, the officiants, who had a hand in our growing success! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you!

We are celebrating our success this month with a special offer on our website at the EZ Best Value Packages. $1.00 off each of our packages listed on the page. What a savings to pass on to you! Also check out the galleries we have to see recent wedding photos we have had the privilege to photograph! Celebrate with us, and have your wedding surrounded by the beauty of this island destination!